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Concept-art : Dragons

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010


As I promised last week I’m back with new digital painting and drawing done during the concept-art period. This week : Dragons ! Here you ‘ll find a mix of studies (  al.chemy , mypaint, gimp-painter or … watercolor ) … And as you suggested me last post ( in comments ), I created them in a friendly resolution and size for using them as wallpaper. More soon !

- David

Concept art Speedpainting

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Hello, I kept a lot of concept-art hidden since the pre-production in autumn to maintain few secrets and surprises about environments and creatures you will meet on the final movie.

But I realized  -after the launching on Internet of the trailer- that few concept-art are not ‘top-secret’ anymore. So, it’s now the perfect time to reveal old ‘new’ concept-art. I will show more in few weeks.

- David

Make us a backpack!

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Yo! We’re stretched to the limit and we need to get a crucial prop for the film modeled and textured: Sintel’s backpack. Instead of figuring out who on the team can spare a half a day to work on this, we thought we’d just open it up to the community!

So, what we’re talking about here is the backpack– which includes the pack, the straps, the leathery mesh containerything, as well as the rolled-up quilt. You’ve got THREE DAYS to bring this as final as you can. Show us what you’ve got!

Download the Sintel.blend to model off of. No more than 5mb of textures please, and it’s gotta be riggable. So if you use lots of curve modifiers or something, give us an applied version of the geometry on a separate layer.

You know the drill. Upload to BlendSwap when you’re done! :P

We’ll go through the submissions. If one person has done some amazing stitching on the pack but their rolled pad thing isn’t stellar, we may frankenstein a few of the models together to form the version in the film. But we’d prefer not to have to do a lick of work. :P So make the whole thing awesome. May the best backpack win!

By the way, thanks to everyone who participated in the Extras Modeling and Animation sprint. We’ve sifted through all the work and we’re just now in the process of placing extras in the scene. Hopefully we’ll have an update for you in a week or two. But there was some great work done!


Background Character Sprint: Details

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

For the sake of clarity, I thought we’d just post all the sprint-related info to the blog.

First, to answer some questions. The sprint will be taking place this weekend. We will be sporadically available throughout all of Saturday and Sunday. This is the time when we will be monitoring progress, giving feedback and direction, assigning tasks (if necessary) and hopefully maintaining a live stream on ustream!

However, we know this work takes time to do well, and we will be accepting submissions all throughout this week, ending at the end of next weekend, on the 5th of April.

An important instruction for everyone:

When you start working on something, please add your name and what you’re working on to this wiki page:
This helps everyone keep track of what everyone else is doing. Also feel free to link to WIP images/animation next to your name.

Also, for now we’re holding off on animating kids, because we don’t have a rig for it yet. So please stick to animation of adults.
Keeping the modeling focus on adult characters is also a good idea. If there are kids in the market, they will be in the minority.

Background info

A little background info about the world our movie takes place in to get your minds going:

The world of the film is sortof a medieval fantasy. So technology-wise, we’re talking 1600′s or earlier. Dragons, obviously, exist in the world, as do other fantasy creatures. But these creatures primarily exist in legend. The city is populated only by humans.

The city of Ishtar is decaying. It used to be grand and rich, with a prosperous population, but it was destroyed by religious war and drought and the following famine. Apart from the wealthy few, most people who live there struggle to survive. They are a hardy bunch, a bit possessive and curt.

Character Modeling

Lets start with some model sheets!

We need city background characters modeled! A bit of common details in David’s character designs:

Crossed belts/leather, patched clothing. Only basic jewelry. Simple tools, simple weapons for defense. Uncut hair and tattoos are common.

Character List:
- Market Vendor/Seller
- young or old, boots/leather equipment/armor okay. Like Sintel’s design.
- Loud and busy.
- Commonfolk
- young or old, maybe primarily women doing the buying
- simple clothing
- Ishtar guard. Man of authority.
- Religious man.

Sintel’s Cabin, featuring Indirect Lighting!

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Yo! Pablo (venomgfx) here, on my debut as Durian Blogposter (sounds cool uh? :D )

The past week was awesome!, not only because it was my first one here :P , but also because David came all the way from Toulouse, to help out, and he was a huge help.

Sintel Cabin's Progress

Sintel Cabin's Progress, more detail needed!

Even though its not finished, blogposting wont hurt (hope so!).

On this scene, my work was supposed to be design-model, then light/compo this shot, but since this was my first week, I’ve been told “No need to be completely productive the first few weeks”, great! relief.. so I took some time to learn the workflow and pipeline here, luckily is really similar to how I use to work before and on my personal projects nowadays.

So, Monday was mostly settling down and playing with the file I found first, which was pure proxies (top-left frame on the screenshot >> ), needed to design! but luckily for me that day David arrived, so I quickly set up basic lighting on a file Soenke worked before (adding the stuff shown at the top-right frame on the screenie), for Tuesday I got a *beautifully* made paint-over my render, even in 2 flavors! sort-of-day, and night.

Sintel's Cabin by David Revoy

Sintel's Cabin paint-over by David Revoy

Then Wednesday went about modeling all the small details everywhere, with such a great reference this task was relatively easy, just a matter of time..

Thursday!, until this day I used Approximate Ambient Occlusion’s Indirect Lighting for this scene, which gave me nice results overall, I felt I was in the right path, probably would need a lot more tweakings for faking stuff (bounces, shadows mostly), until I saw some experiments Soenke was doing with Raytraced IL, “wow! gotta try that!” <- along with a O.O’ face, OK render times went up a bit, but the results (and less work on fine tuning/faking stuff) deserved it.

Below is the render with Raytracing IL and Approximate respectively, not really fair comparison though since the Raytraced one has some minor changes to lights , basically because the bouncing was too strong making everything too bright, this also demanded some changes to the materials.. so I spent most of Thursday on tweaking the shading/lighting, some modeling as well but not as much as was needed.

Sintels Cabin WIP

Sintel's Cabin Work in Progress, Indirect Lighting tests.

It’s Friday! (..I’m in love! ♪, recalling The Cure, but actually I had a crush on Indirect Lighting :P )

Was time for my first weekly! and to show what I’ve been working on the whole week, even when I think I could have done much more this week, I also believe I learned a *lot*, specially on the rendering side, it’s been very productive to me and I’m glad I still have a week more scheduled for this scene, so I can catch up with what I have left to do (more models/cloth!), and also because that scene is not only a bed/wood/medievalish stuff, characters are missing in there!

Sintel's Cabin - IL

Lighting setup at the left, how it bounces at the right.

Before wrapping up I want you to see a small screenshot that shows how much magic goes behind Indirect Lighting, on the left is the setup showing I only used 1 Spot lamp for the “Sun”, then a Halo light for the beam light, and the rest is all bouncing (plus a big blue emitting material plane as sky), at the right is sort of how the light bounces to lit the scene :) , a whole new world for me at lighting, love it! :D

Ouch already Sunday morning here :/ gotta get some sleep to kickoff the week tomorrow.

That’s all folks! :)

News about Chaos & Evolutions

Friday, March 12th, 2010


My week in the Durian team is almost finished here, and I couldn’t leave the Blender Institute without posting on the blog.

Apart for Sintel , I came to the Blender Institute with the prefinal videos of my DVD “Chaos& Evolutions” . And after some corrections, I decided to release the third video today about Alchemy ( edit : free, multi-platform and open source, download it here ) .

Youtube version above, with high definitions options.

You can also download the OGV Theora file as it will be on the DVD here :

I still have some video editing to do with Kdenlive before delivering the final DVD to  the Blender Institute, but I prefer to take time to finish it properly and spend time on Sintel art direction. Thanks for the patience of people that already pre-order it, and thanks for people that will pre-order it. By the way, It shouldn’t be too long to finish, and during this will extend of some weeks the pre-order discount of 10% on the Blender E-shop.

A propos Sintel art direction , I spent my week time here to do paint-over and matte-painting. It was good to connect again with the team, and meet Beorn. But sorry ; no picture of my recent work for Sintel at the moment, 3D artist will show the result soon.


Chaos & Evolutions; David Revoy painting course

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Another cool announcement for today: the long awaiting dvd from David is shaping up well! Those who attented his – already legendary – courses on the Blender Conference saw a glimpse of what to expect. For everyone else; get this awesome digital painting course (GIMP!) now! Oh, and yes… all Creative Commons, so it’ll be online and downloadable in no time as well. Getting a dvd will help us forward though! :) Expected delivery is mid march.

If you like to help us advertising this product? Check the banners preview, or download them all as a zip.

And then visit the Blender store here!