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1st minute – Concept arts updates

on November 23rd, 2009, by Deevad

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Here some of the concept art concerning the first minute of the movie. Shaman changed to the definitive one after some Al.chemy research, the shaman hut got some drawings too, and the guardian “Jack” got a portrait to help modeling. I painted some weapons :  the knife of Sintel, and the blades of the guardians. And to finish my period at the institute in beauty ; I wrote especially for the community a tutorial about my speedpainting process, as you asked me in the previous “1st minute concept art” post.

I’m back to Toulouse (France) tomorrow , but I will surely keep blog posting sometimes as I will continue to work remotely on the Durian. I hope you will enjoy !



- The tutorial -

click to enlarge

74 Responses to “1st minute – Concept arts updates”

  1. Virgilio Says:

    Great artwork, as usual, David. And thanks for the tutorial! :)

  2. Eemo Says:

    Very good job, as always ;)
    I really like it.

  3. NooBPoWeR Says:

    AWESOME! just awesome…

  4. Wahooney Says:

    I must say, I’m in awe of you speed painter types.

    Thumbs up :) And have a good flight home.

  5. Satish 'iluvblender' Goda Says:

    Very very cool…

    As someone who is just foraying into MyPaint/GIMP, this post and tutorial is very invaluable

    Thank You David.

  6. ChicOrtiz Says:

    Jack is just awesome. Loved the closeup expression make me feel curious about his personality!

    To bad that David needs to leave Amsterdam… :I

  7. rogper Says:

    Inspiring :)
    Thanks a bunch for the tutorial!

  8. Blendipel Says:

    Thanks a lot, great tutorial and great concepts too!

    I’m really asking myself how you get your alchemy drawings that defined but I guess that’s just the missing of a tablet on my side :)

  9. n-pigeon Says:

    Just fantastic :D

  10. Create3D Says:

    What happened to MyPaint for creating concept art?

  11. Jack*RED Says:

    Thx David for the tutorial :D
    The pictures seems great, I especially like the knife design :|

  12. gaalgergely Says:

    david, thank you for taking the time to
    explain your workflow. reading your
    posts is always educational, fun, and
    congrats for the 2.5 alpha 0 splash!

  13. Tweakingknobs Says:

    man i love the shaman part i hope this comes in,

    keep it up !!!


  14. Christiaan Bakker (AniCator) Says:

    Great drawings, David. (h)
    It’s great to see this project progress.

    Thanks for posting this,

    - AniCator

  15. Dennis Says:

    Love the new shaman design. Hope you use it because I’m very excited to see how you will be able to tackle his huge bread. Keep it up!

  16. Gwilwileth Says:

    Awesome atworks ! I really Luke this shaman ! Exactly how I imaginated it ^^

    The other speed paints a great too !

    Bon retour chez toi ! =D

    Keep it up !

  17. Nixon Says:

    yay thx for the tutorial :) …too bad your not gonna be with the durian team anymore at the premises:(…think it would of been great to still have you around as counselor and concept artist in general..theres some awesome stuff that we got to see here and i bet theres lots of more wich still is kept secret due to the 1st min restriction…so anyway great artworks and ideas…
    hope you enjoyed that project as much as we enjoy seeing it evolve:)
    best regards!!!

  18. D Says:

    So much good stuff, David. :) It inspires awe.

    So, the guardians were the gatekeepers, after all. It’s fun to be able to see more of the non-character designs as well, since they are basically the other half of the movie.
    I really love the design at the base of the guardians’ blades; it’s a dragon and a tree! Or a mushroom. :D The blades themselves seem to be going for an angular look rather than a curved one; I wonder if they work also in real life?
    The exterior of the Shaman’s home perhaps doesn’t look mysterious enough? :D Maybe it looks a little too simple; what if it was made of smaller rocks?

    Anyway, you have fun on your flight back home, and don’t be slacking off any time soon! xD It ain’t over till its over.

  19. Avenger Says:

    Are you sure that knife is a drawing? it looks amazing! Man, you really are going to make it hard on the modelling and texturing. Keep up the awesome work though!

  20. Arnaud Says:

    Oh no, David is leaving already!!!
    Please keep us informed with great pictures and tutorials.

    Hey David, why not join CG Cookie, and start a new “Painting” section, or a “Concept Art” section??
    That would be great. :)

  21. Tono Says:

    Well done David!
    Very impressive 0_o

  22. Yorik Says:

    Wow, a deviantart-like tutorial! Awesome! Thanks David!

  23. Says:

    I’m tempted to say “what a load of crap!” just for the sake of irony, but I’ll refrain

  24. Chad Says:

    I agree with D on the guardian blades, they look fantastic. I also like the circle theme with the shaman especially the detail of the circle that he sleeps on.

  25. Disney_SL Says:

    Amazing stuff!

  26. Booboo Says:

    @D there are plenty of old designs with weird shapes, so they must have worked (scroll, and try other pages too) and at worst they can be used in the kitchen

  27. kram1032 Says:

    Great stuff :D
    I like a lot, how they look :)

    (Though, I miss the four-armed shaman xD)
    Nah, the new one is great too and works perfectly fine :) – Actually I couldn’t decide between the two…

  28. demohero Says:

    In two words: Excellent, perfect. :)

  29. Riboshom Says:

    “Tu va nous manquer Devaad!” ^^

  30. Jon Nordby Says:

    “Create3D Says:
    November 23rd, 2009 at 23:39
    What happened to MyPaint for creating concept art?”
    No texture brush, dodge or multiply layer mode. Essential tools in the first part of the workflow shown here.

    Thanks for sharing David, inspirational as always! Btw, new Devin Townsend album out last week. Its called “Addicted”. Quite different from Infinity tho.

  31. Booboo Says:

    @D the weapons would work, there was been rarer weapons and tools. Yesterday I posted a couple of links about such blades… but it seems this blog hates the posts I write with links (and they appear after I mention the fact).

  32. Narfzilla Says:

    The shaman shiukd have dread locks! :D

  33. sebih Says:

    Nice Painting tutorial!

    Concerning the knife: What about some Damascus steel for a nice pattern on the blade. Would probably look great together with that knife-knob.

  34. Cloud_GL Says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to find Gimp Painter and I can only get it from a japanese site, so far I know it’s being made by a japanese, but isn’t there any version on english?

  35. Cloud_GL Says:

    Nevermind me, I figured it out myself ^^.

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