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Durian Finals Party

on June 28th, 2010, by Ton

The premiere announcement overshadowed this one, so here’s it again:

To celebrate the end of the project, we will organize a good bye party for and with the team, including a private screening of the film in progress. We will show the film twice, including a sneak peek of the Making Of documentary by Ali Boubred.

Durian Finals Party
Sunday, July 18th, screenings on 20:30h and 21:30h
Studio K Cinema
Timorplein 62, Amsterdam

This is a private screening, so we’ll work with a guest list. To get on the guest list is easy, just email me (ton at blender org) your Durian DVD order number, and I’ll return your guest list number! With this number and your name you get admission to the theatre. Seems fair for our loyal investors, eh?

Don’t forget that we will show an unfinished film with an unfinished soundtrack. Only in September we’ll be ready for sure!


42 Responses to “Durian Finals Party”

  1. Adam Says:

    I SOOOO wish I could be there.

  2. Julien Says:

    Can’t be there :-/
    Lucky guys that could …

  3. zekilk Says:

    A party just for blender pros and blender heads.Oh well I don’t need spoilers.What am i saying.I wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!

    Too bad its far away.I’m from asia

  4. nawabz Says:

    i cant be there but heart will be with ahlulbayt

  5. jirms Says:

    Ah, man … I would so be there if I could afford the plane ticket

  6. therealnoz Says:

    Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s ending.

  7. Sunjay Says:

    *sigh* I wish I could be there so much! I don’t even have the money for a DVD….

  8. Pablo Vazquez Says:

    yaay it will be awesome!

    I reckon Big Buck Bunny’s party was great, can’t wait for this one, this time actually being part of the team! :D

    See you all there, lets make some noise! :)

  9. J. Says:

    About the latter:
    I want to talk, not shout. (given the fact that Dutchmen already talk quite loudly, imagine the situation… :D :D :D )

    No matter, just make it ”gezellig”

    Btw, will Halina Reijn an Thom Hoffman also attend this screening, or only the ”real” premiere?

    I’m curious how the party will be, what kind of plans or something do you have?

  10. spoiler Says:

    Hope to find a cam-version of Durian on PirateBay the next day, hehe…

  11. J. Says:

    Yo ho, yo ho a pirate’s life for me? :P

    Don’t you dare, the big studio boss will be upset! ;)

  12. Mano Says:

    Are you still going to show the movie on FOSDEM?

  13. ochacon Says:

    I would like to be there but I am so far

  14. Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge) Says:

    Ah, if only I was a local :(

    Sounds awesome tho!

  15. ziwon Says:

    in the last post about this party you wrote something like everyone who helped you out in the last month, is that including the sprinters :P ? Even you didn’t took there stuff? (i mean… we don’t now whos stuff you took…) ^^

    just kidding, but it would be nice to know if and whos stuff you took for your movie :)

  16. anon Says:

    “To celebrate the end of the project”
    “we will show an unfinished film with an unfinished soundtrack”

  17. moley Says:

    @anon, editing and work on the soundtrack doesn’t require the entire team to be there. I would expect to see a rough cut of the film and maybe even that some shots haven’t been rendered or rendered at a high resolution yet.

    @Durian, any chance of a stream for the international fans?

  18. Internet Wanderer Says:

    Oh. How would I be happy to partecipate? But, thinking about it, maybe it’s better I wait and watch the DVD on my DVD package :D

  19. Wouter Says:

    Haha, I am gonna convince my dad to order the dvd so we can go :P . Luckily I live real close, so that’s a plus.

  20. J. Says:

    As far as I know the final version will differ in grading and soundtrack. (but it may be that some shots get rerendered for the final version, I don’t know…)

    Durian’ers, can any of you make this clear?

  21. J. Says:

    Let me know whose piggy bank is gonna break! :D

  22. Jason Wright Says:

    Wow! What a journey! From the beginning until the final renders. Thanks for the inspiration Team Durian! Great job guys at finishing!

  23. Blenderism Says:

    This Weighted Companion Cube will accompany you to the Durian Party Finals. Please take care of it. There will be cake.

  24. RNS Says:

    I will party for yous team!!! last question when is the next stable blender 2.5 release? just wondering…

  25. Jimmy Haze Says:

    Hahaha… i work in the same building :P
    and i live at 5 minutes walking from this place :D
    See you at the party ;)

  26. Lucas Says:

    I’ll be joining you guys at the party. I don’t know much of Blender but I’ve been following this project with great interest!

    Lucky me I live in the Netherlands as well :-)

  27. Patrick Says:

    Ooh, nice! =D I have two questions though.
    1) Can we bring someone along, or is it for DVD orderers only?
    2) It says the screenings will be 20:30 and 21:30. Will there be a meetup or something along those lines as well around those times or is it just the screenings?

  28. Laura Lyle Says:

    Such a shame that I live in the US…. and indeed, If I had the 1,500 dollars or more for tickets to attend the showing…. I would have donated it to the project instead anyway.

    Wonderful news guys! Happy rendering, and I look forward to the DVD when it’s out!

  29. Michael Says:

    I wish I could go. :(

    random comment:

    With all the additions to blender from the Sintel project will there be a new release coming soon, 2.5.3?

  30. Ton Says:

    Anon: “the end of the project” means that most of the team leaves. What’s left is a lot of wrapping up, which takes time and work too, but not for a 14-people large crew.

    Patrick: anyone who bought a DVD or sponsored us is welcome to also bring a guest. Still email me that, so I can put the guest name on the list.

    In studio K we have our own theatre for the screenings, and our own bar area where we can hangout together until 1 in the morning! Drinks at own expenses though… :)

    Michael: yes, we should have an official 2.5 beta soon.

  31. anon Says:

    i see.. thanks ton
    no hard feelings.. i just don’t have experience with art projects :)

  32. Jacqueline Says:

    I wish I could go. :(

    random comment:

    With all the additions to blender from the Sintel project will there be a new release coming soon, 2.5.3?

  33. Abdu Says:

    @Jacqueline, actually last I heard was that there is going to be a new version out this weekend, but then I am not sure, just what someone said on some forum, not sure where he got it from though :D .

  34. Abdu Says:

    @Jacqueline, actually last I heard was that there is going to be a new version out this weekend, but then I am not sure, just what someone said on some forum, not sure where he got it from though :D . I will have to wait till September till it’s way I can be there,too far (another continent far).

  35. young_voter Says:

    I do hope the final product does not look like a game environment, as a lot of screenshots have indicated. We are preparing popcorn to watch a cinematic movie, not some gaming feel.

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