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Jan Morgenstern wins two Jerry Goldsmith awards

on July 23rd, 2011, by Ton

Both the Sintel score and the Sintel credit song “I move On” have won the Jerry Goldsmith Award at the prestigious International Film Music Festival.

Here’s the announcement on the official web with pictures.

Great milestone for composer Jan Morgenstern and lyrics writer Esther Wouda, for the entire team, for open source movies and Creative Commons, and of course everyone who helped making Sintel possible!

Jan Morgenstern website


28 Responses to “Jan Morgenstern wins two Jerry Goldsmith awards”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Peter Rehley Says:

    Awesome. Congratulations!

  3. MarcoA Says:

    Congratulations! A great music for a great shortfilm. And “I move on” is really a gem!

  4. D Says:

    That’s awesome! Congratulations, Jan and all! :D
    Acceptance speech?

  5. Sago Says:

    Congrats! Now give this guy a Wikipedia page!!

  6. Shader Says:

    Brilliant song for diamond short!

  7. Gabysoft Says:

    Totally awesome, I had a good think about this!

  8. NoriMori Says:

    Fantastic and 120% deserved. “I Move On” is such an amazing song, both lyrically and musically.

  9. JeroenM Says:


  10. Raimon Says:

    I think the singer deserves some credit too, even more than the Sintel crew, isn’t?


  11. Klip Says:

    Wooooow, congratz to Jan, Eshter and the whole team! YUuuuuu!

  12. jan Says:

    Allow me to quote my own tweet, as I’m not sure how to put it differently:

    More rewarding than the awards themselves were reactions from friends, followers, and people from the Blender community. THANK YOU. <3

  13. millat Says:

    its a very funny game. i like to play it.

  14. geoge Says:


  15. Alberto Says:

    ¡Buenísimo felicidades! :D
    It’s very good, congratulations! :D

  16. rueben Says:

    la peli como la musica tienen gran calidad sigan asi muchachos

  17. Felipe Says:

    (I know it has nothing to do that, but he read = /)
    Damn I saw, gave us much anxiety and wanted to cry at the end, I fikei very angry, it never leaves my head to our final one of these? They could have done a happy ending, but I do not care, I thought the script for the second movie, do it, even little old lady, not so old, she took care of small small dragon that was saved in the end, you invented a story to 2 film, and in the end, the Dragon of it, which “died” appears, cured with an expression I came back, I lost, then they 3 will happy = D
    Or a story in which she and the baby dragon that was saved in the end, go into something to resurrect the dragon it = D but for God’s sake, do the second movie with a happy ending, but the dragon died, come back or appear again, at least to talk to forgive her, just so my Awareness will be left alone, please = (

    My soul demands it = /

  18. Felipe Says:

    I forgot to talk

    loved the movie

    if you read, send me an email to

  19. ROMIOIN Says:

    Please add the arabic subtitle here it is ….

  20. Alvaro Says:

    Jan Morgenstern = talent

  21. Nickolas Says: Watch movies online for free!

  22. Manuel Uribe Says:

    A-mazing! Parallels to so many questions. Y’guys outdid yourselves. Pardon if I’m pointing everyone on my FB to this film, some are film grads (UCLA and UCD) and I’m a drummer myself (which might not make sense to you guys, but Sintel and your production vids on ‘Tube do to me).

    Thank you.

  23. Nori/Narcissus Says:

    Hi. I know Sintel is licensed as CC BY, but I wanted to ask to be sure. Can I put the Sintel novel remake I made with my collected book of dragon poems? It’ll be on Lulu but I had to ask to be sure (even though sintel is cc by. I know I can but I wanted to ask)

  24. poetpiet Says:

    418176 Vs and over a 1000 comments at ‘kino’ (1thou vid account) since 3rd of oct …
    highly skillful indeed .. but nothing open about ‘bidding’ for lumpfund cred
    by adding hollowhoodie ‘must contain’ memes o- or covertly, such as:
    domestication of animals … and obfuscery about generational effects,
    perfectly ‘executed’ by working in the ‘kill the indigon, save the child’ one.
    ‘pieken in de delta’ would conjure treetop stuff association … but no, let’s
    continue betraying that (re- & pro)vision and go for rocky peaks instead.
    Holzland redistribution land. Heave ho!

  25. Bob Forsman Says:

    I can’t find a better place to mention this:

    I tried to reencode the 1080p downloadable version of the movie using ffmpeg 0.7.6. I got an
    av_interleaved_write_frame(): Operation not permitted
    which seems to often be caused by duplicate timestamps. I don’t know if it’s a bug in ffmpeg, or perhaps a bug in the software used to compress the video. If you have anyone with the skills to inspect your own video, it might be worthwhile to check for timestamp oddities.

    thoth@farafra /homes5/thoth/charles $ sum Sintel.2010.1080p.mkv
    59877 1144950

  26. Loria Lisenbee Says:

    Holy tin foil hat Batman! No wonder this bunch is working so hard to proactively throw dirt at the Sheriff’s department psychologist. Last thing these conspiracy nuts want is a psychologist that has previously evaluated them going on record.

  27. alert('good') Says:


  28. finder Says:


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